About Us

Niola Cancer Care Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation whose major focus is on Colorectal Cancer. We advocate for Better Cancer Management and Control, Improved Cancer Care treatment for every patient with this dreadful disease, Creating unmatched awareness and education on the disease, Prevention through regular screening, Early detection identification, accurate diagnosis and assessment and early treatment for possible cure.

We assist Patients in Navigating Treatment.Provision of Palliative care and support for patients and their families. Support cancer research. Awareness on Colorectal is very minimal in Nigeria and Colorectal cancer (CRC ) is the 4th cancer killing Nigerians Niola Cancer Care Foundation is the first Colorectal cancer NGO in West Africa.


Our vision is to have a minimum of two colon cancer detection machines working efficiently and optimally, to be located in the Six Geopolitical Zones of the Federation by the year 2030 so has to have a free colorectal cancer patients in Nigeria and Africa at large. The machine installation will facilitate early detection of the disease and accurate assessment and allow elimination before the disease becomes life threatening.


Is to campaign for wellness and early detection through communication and engagement while leveraging solid partnerships with our stakeholders and volunteers.

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS – Registered corporate organizations who key into our Vision and want to partner with Niola , as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIPS – Goodwill donations from high net-worth individuals

MASS PARTNERSHIPS-These involves all and any member of the society, who is willing and able to give of their time, money and love.