MY CANCER SCARE EXPERIENCE… ‘The cause you fight for and committed to, is what the Devil will use to attack you ‘ As an advocate It is my duty to share this ….
Mid last year 2020, l noticed a tiny lump like a pimple on my cleavage. l thought it was one of those pimples that comes and goes, so l didn’t take it serious. Early this year , it changed, became a bit bigger though still not noticeable and not really painful. So towards the end of February, l mentioned it to a doctor friend and he advised l get it checked out. March came; it changed in look, texture, became more noticeable and was slightly painful. l became worried, went to LUTH, saw doctors who examined me and recommended a biopsy. I did the biopsy, was told the result would be out in one week.
Biopsy is to know if the lump is Malignant or Benign , if it’s malignant , it means the lump or growth is cancerous while benign means it is not cancerous.
The waiting for my Biopsy results was like a decade and forever. l was worried; would the result show the lump is malignant? This and all sorts of crazy thoughts came, but l remained positive. Then excruciating pain started and l couldn’t sleep on my sides. At this point, l couldn’t wear bras, as it irritated the lump making it more painful.
April came. The lump was now as big as a base ball deep inside, resting on my breast bone. The result came out and the lump was ‘BENIGN ‘ , What a great relief ! What a testimony! What joy! My God has done it again … but l was still in excruciating pain . The doctor pressed the lump, cut it open expecting to see pus and blood but nothing like that. Strangely it sealed up again as if a blade and a needle never touched it. At some point the surgeon said ‘what is this ? And l responded ‘whatever it is , it will go back to where it came from ‘ l send it back to the pit of hell ‘ it won’t stay in my body.
My doctor placed me on painkillers and antibiotics and l was asked to come to LUTH every 2 days to examine it and for dressing. If l can’t go to LUTH, I go to Chion Medical Hospital in Mende for examination and for dressing . They were trying to shrink the lump before removing it. They were concerned about the location of the lump and worried that if it’s not properly done it will disfigure me. I asked the doctor to go ahead and remove it . He advised l see a plastic surgeon for the surgery. Honestly, at this point, l didn’t care if it will disfigure me , at least I would still have my body intact. All l wanted was to be well and back on my feet. I didn’t mind a scar on my chest for the rest of my life. Then l woke up first week in the month of May and the lump had disappeared. Pain vanished .
Benign tumors can cause serious problems if they press on vital structures such as blood vessels or nerves and very painful if they are on your bone – mine was on my chest bone. l was closely monitored to shrink the lump and eventually it shrunk.
AS A CANCER ADVOCATE who creates awareness on cancer, encourages early detection, healthy living and healthy lifestyle, who sees cancer patients and is very familiar with their pain, struggles and challenges, yes l was shaken. I asked questions in my closet, I sought the face of God, I asked for mercy. Afflictions will not arise a second time. I sought medical help while reaching out to my spiritual leader to stand in the gap for me. Prayer chains was set up by some friends and my fellowship WOP headed by Pastor Moji Awokoya led special prayers for me. My church The Fountain Of Life Church (TFLOC) rose up as usual, One of my big Egbons who is a strong Christian, also a passionate cancer advocate and a member of Niola Cancer Care Foundation had a premonition. He said he prayed about it and he felt relieved and believed l will overcome. I’m forever Grateful. Thank You All for the huge support and for never giving up on me.! Thank God ! HE HEARD OUR PRAYER. God answered me again! Once AGAIN MERCY SAID NO ! Modupe.
Dr Adedapo Osinowo I really appreciate your kindness during this period. You were available anytime. Even on weekends you attended to me despite your tight schedule. Dr Yakubu Habeeb (LUTH) my dearest Egbon, Dr Jonah Eze (Chion Medical) God will reward you Sir. Dr Rotimi Kadri, Dr Aba katung (South Africa) Dr Wale Ajumobi (US), Dr Ishak Lawal (Kebbi state) and Dr Rasaq Lawal (LUTH). Dr Yele Okeremi , Aunty Lillian Amah- Aluko and Sir Keppy Ekpeyong, you were all amazing and the support was overwhelming. God bless you.
*Seek medical help! Seek medical ! Take doctors’ advise & speak out. DO NOT NEGLECT medical advise .
*Check your body , be familiar with every part of your body. Monitor your body, check for any abnormality and get it checked out.
*Seek Second Opinion- I sent my biopsy result to doctors in US and South Africa. Always ask for a second opinion
*Make sure you eat well, healthy lifestyle and Healthy living, Let Your Food be your Medicine!
*Pray .. …Yes Pray , Talk to your God, talk to your spiritual leaders, very important.
l thank God for another glorious year in good health, hale and hearty. I remain committed to the fight against cancer, creating awareness, supporting patients advocating for a better cancer management and control in Nigeria and Globally.

Eniola Akintunde

Niola Cancer Care Foundation.


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