World Colorectal Cancer Day MARCH 3RD.

World Colorectal Cancer Day MARCH 3RD.

Tuesday 5th March 2019, 11:00am NCCF will be @ God’s Ornament School .Ogiso Ikorodu to commemorate this year Colorectal Cancer Day, Niola Cancer Care Foundation takes the awareness to our schools.We are focusing on encouraging our young children on HEALTHY LIFESTYLES.

This year theme ‘Healthy Lifestyles Against Colorectal Cancer’

Royal Blue – Colorectal Cancer color

MARCH -Colorectal Cancer Month

MARCH 3RD – Colorectal Cancer Day


FOBT #Colonoscopy #Endoscopy

Healthy Lifestyle… Healthy Living
Early Detection and Early Treatment saves life.
Cancer is Nobody’s Portion!!!


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